■Wound Care Exam 資格試験練習問題20問 #126


1.Granulation tissue is formed in __________.

2. Frequency of skin assessment. _________ 

3.Type 1 Collagen is more resilient in _________ phase, and it provides __________.

4.Low zinc level affects _____________.

5.”Wart” or “mole” are ____________ (what type of ski lesion?)


2.at least daily

3.remodeling (phase) / (provides) tensile strength

4.Collagen synthesis


6.”Wart” is also called ___________ (other word).

7.Freckle, flat mole, petechia, scarlet fever, measles are all ___________. (what type of skin lesions?)

8.Other word for flat mole _____________.

9.Mongolian spot or café au lait spot are __________. (what type of skin lesions?)

10.Psoriasis is __________. (what type of skin lesion?)




9.patch (irregular shaped macule)

10.plaque (elevated, firm, lough lesion with flat top surface)

11.Insect bite, urticaria, and all allergic reactions are __________ (what type of skin lesion?)

12.What is the difference between “keloid” and “hypertrophic scar”? — Cause and morphology

13.Cell function of “fibroblast” 

14.Cell function of “mast cell”

15.Cell function of “macrophage”


12.Cause: K: excessive collagen formation. Progressive   vs    H: over production of collagen

Morphology: K: Grows beyond boundaries   vs   H: not outside the boundaries of the wound

13.Fibroblast: make connective tissue and cellular matrix, produce collagen, elastin, fibronectin 

14.Mast cell: granulated immune cells

15.Macrophages: remove extra cellular debris and engulf pathogens.

16.Primary function of neutrophils

17.(s/s) linear, hollowed-out, crusted lesion with the loss of epidermis. -> what (secondary) skin lesion type is this? _____________

18.Collagen fibers are visible in the wound bed by ___th day of wound healing process (partial-thickness wound).

19.2 important regulatory factors of partial-thickness wound

20.2 important growth factors in epithelial proliferation

16.phagocytosis of bacteria and foreign debris


18.by 9th day

19.MMPs (matrix metalloproteinase) and growth factors

20.PDGF (platelet derived growth factor) and EGF (epidermal growth factor)