HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) 検査

HIV Tests

ELISA test -> Western Blot

ELISA – 18-45 days – Highly sensitive and no false (-)negative. Negative is Negative. No HIV. No more testing. However, ELISA sometimes generates false (+)positive –> then (Automatically) Western Blot

Western Blotが(+)/Positive. One of the reasons of the positive result is “maybe it was too soon” –> Repeat test in 3 months. OR PCR test for quicker result.

RNA Testing is available as early as 10 days — test for virus itself.

HIV Testing Terminology

Window Period」- 感染から正確な検査結果が出るまでの間。3週間から3か月。この間、Fluに似た症状が出る – Fever, Headache, Myalgia, そして「pleomorphic rash/polymorphic rash」- 様々な様相の発疹が同時に同じ部位に出ることがある。plaque, vesicle, crustなど。

Reflex Testing/リフレックス検査」- CDC推奨。Reflex test is to detect HIV-1 antiviral drug resistance-associated codon mutation before starting HIV treatment. 遺伝子型検査。(Mayo Clinic Laboratoriesより)

HIV Testing

HIV Testing